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Best Mortgage Lenders as per Zillow

We all know that Zillow is excellent if you are looking for a home to buy but did you know you can search for mortgage lenders on Zillow? Well, you can, and Zillow has an excellent tool where you can compare multiple lenders in real-time.

Let’s see who are the best mortgage lenders as per Zillow reviews.

Lenders with a five-star review rating on Zillow are Future Home Loans, Mortgage Masters of Indiana, Inc., Union Bank and Trust Company, Financial Mortgage Solutions, LLC, RELIABANK DAKOTA, and Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation.

Couple with a loan officer signing a contract

If you wish to find Zillow’s best mortgage lenders, you will need to provide some information to Zillow – zip code, type of loan, and other features so Zillow can present you with the best lenders out there.

Keep reading and find out how to search for lenders on Zillow and which lenders have the highest rates by customer review in each state.

Who Are the Best Mortgage Lenders as per Zillow? 

With Zillow lenders review, comparison shop, and lenders license information, you will be able to search through many lenders in a relatively short period and ultimately find the one that suits your needs the best.

However, to shorten the search, you can look into the lenders with the highest review ranking on Zillow we previously mentioned. 

Future Home Loans accommodates different loan scenarios, such as purchases with 1.5% down-payment options. Reviews show that it is a great option for people buying their first home because agents are helpful and fast with answering questions.

Mortgage Masters of Indiana, Inc. helps clients buy their homes, and it also offers refinancing options. In the reviews, homebuyers have stated that agents were helpful with the whole process ensuring that the clients get the best rate possible. 

Union Bank and Trust Company provides all clients with free pre-qualification. In one of the reviews, homebuyers have stated they managed to close on the purchase in 18 days, showing that UBT agents are fast and efficient.  

Financial Mortgage Solutions, LLC is led by Jennifer King, who has experience in consumer baking. Reviews of homebuyers show that working with this lender means you’ll get all the answers quickly, and your interstate rate will be lower than expected. 

RELIABANK DAKOTA ream is friendly and helpful, as most of the reviews on Zillow show. Furthermore, most homebuyers that worked with this lender say that their closing costs were lower than expected. 

Integrity Home Mortgage Corporation is a team of mortgage specialists that provide customers with excellent customer service. In the reviews, homebuyers have said that the agents were professional, communicative, and very helpful. 

Zillow Best Mortgage Lenders by State

There are thousands of lenders in the US that you can ask for a loan and finding the perfect one for you can be challenging.

But if you use the Zillow platform, you can narrow down this search to your hometown or state. Just go on Zillow Lender Directory and type in the ZIP code, state, or city you live in, and the top-rated lenders or loan officers will appear.

Once you click on the lender’s link, you will be able to read reviews about this lender and other information crucial for your loan.

Here are some of the top-rated lenders in every state according to Zillow’s confirmed reviews.

StateName of The LenderRate from 0 to 5
AlabamaSouthPoint Bank4.99
AlaskaResidential Mortgage, LLC4.99
ArizonaAmerifirst Financial, Inc.
Nova Home Loans
ArkansasArvest Bank4.99
CaliforniaBay Equity Home Loans4.98
ColoradoLoan Simple, Inc.4.94
ConnecticutNorcom Mortgage,
First World Mortgage Corporation
DelawareAccelerate Mortgage, LLC4.99
FloridaCaliber Home Loans, Inc.
Future Home Loans
GeorgiaSilverton Mortgage4.95
HawaiiElement Mortgage Hawaii4.93
IdahoPremier Mortgage Resources4.95
IllinoisDraper and Kramer Mortgage Corp.4.98
IndianaMortgage Masters of Indiana, Inc.5.0
IowaWells Fargo Bank, National Association4.95
KansasNBKC Bank4.94
KentuckyGold Financial Services4.99
LouisianaGMFS Mortgage4.96
MaineAcadia Lending Group, LLC4.98
MarylandFirst Home Mortgage Corporation4.98
MassachusettsMortgage Network, Inc.4.98
MichiganFlagstar Bank, FSB4.98
MinnesotaU.S. Bank National Association4.98
MississippiFirst Commercial Bank4.99
MissouriUSA Mortgage4.98
MontanaGoPrime Mortgage, Inc.4.99
NebraskaUnion Bank and Trust Company5.00
NevadaAll Western Mortgage, Inc.4.99
New HampshireHarborOne Mortgage4.97
New JerseyAnnieMac Home Mortgage4.97
New MexicoFinancial Mortgage Solutions, LLC5.00
New YorkHomestead Funding Corp.4.99
North CarolinaFinance of America Mortgage LLC4.97
North DakotaGuaranteed Rate, Inc.4.99
OhioCrossCountry Mortgage, LLC4.97
OklahomaBOKF, National Association4.97
OregonacRes Mortgage4.99
PennsylvaniaMeridian Bank4.98
Rhode IslandEmbrace Home Loans, Inc.4.97
South CarolinaMovement Mortgage, LLC4.98
TennesseeMortgage Investors Group4.98
TexasPrimeLending, A PlainsCapital Company4.99
UtahPrimary Residential Mortgage, Inc.4.98
VermontVermont Mortgage Company, LLC4.99
VirginiaProsperity Home Mortgage, LLC4.97
WashingtonAxia Home Loans4.96
West VirginiaIntegrity Home Mortgage Corporation5.00
WisconsinFairway Independent Mortgage Corporation4.95
WyomingWallick & Volk, Inc.4.95
Washington D.C.Forbright Bank4.82

How to Find the Best Mortgage Lenders on Zillow?

Zillow is a leading platform where people can find homes to buy, rent or sell. They can search for loan officers, mortgage brokers, and lenders as well.

Zillow collects data from all lenders using the platform to find new mortgage leads. Using a platform, you can find a perfect lender to apply for a mortgage from the comfort of your home.

What is so great about this Zillow tool is that you can get in touch with local or national lenders that perfectly fit your needs and budget.

You will provide the information to Zillow about where you are buying a house, what kind of loan you need, whether you are looking for a place to buy or to refinance, and personal information (e-mail address, phone number, FICO number, or credit score).

After you provide all the necessary information, lenders will contact you.

You Can Read the Lenders’ Reviews

But before you submit any information or while you are waiting for a lender to get in touch with you, you can go on a Zillow Lender Directory and search for the best lenders in your state or city.

Here the lenders will be listed from top-rated by the customers to the worst. You can click on any lender offered and read reviews people left.

These reviews can only be left by the person who did the business with that lender, so you know that these reviews will be accurate.  

Compare Multiple Lenders at Once

Zillow allows consumers to compare mortgage quotes from a multitude of lenders at once. You can go through all the quotes you get according to the information you provided and other lenders and compare them in order to pick the best.

You can compare their interest rates, lender fees, monthly payments, and lenders’ ranking on Zillow. Also, all the lenders presented to you must have a license and all the information about their business transparently listed.

Therefore, you know you will be communicating with a legit business. But if you have any suspicions, you can check your lender license on the National NMLS consumer access website.

Make Comparisons of All the Offers You Got

When applying for a mortgage, the most important thing is to compare the offer you get, and on Zillow, you will be able to do so.

Lenders that will offer you the best deal will give you an official Loan Estimate, and if you are interested in some of the offers, you can ask for a comparison rate from that lender.

As you know, interest rates, closing costs, mortgage insurance, and other expenses can change the monthly rate of your mortgage by far.

So before you sign any contract, make sure to read the fine letters and calculate the costs of each loan you are offered.

Prepare Yourself for the Talk With Lenders

Once lenders contact you through the Zillow platform, you will be able to set up a meeting with those you find to fit mostly your needs.

And it would be good to come to this meeting prepared, so you don’t miss out on any important details.

Here are some of the questions Zillow recommends you ask potential lenders:

  • Do they allow mortgage discount points?  
  • Down payment requirements?
  • What does my credit score need to be?
  • Which closing costs can be paid with a mortgage, and which must be paid at the closing of the loan? 
  • Are there any situations when your down payment will not be returned?   

Loan Officer, Lender, or Mortgage Broker – Which One to Choose?

As you may know, when looking for the best loan, there are several options available, and you can do it directly from a lender (financial institution or bank,) through a loan officer or mortgage broker.

Loan officers usually work for lenders, and eventually, you will have to work with some lenders and loan officers.

Mortgage brokers are professionals that work as middlemen between you and many different lenders. They will scout out the multiple available choices and present you with the best lenders for your loan type.

You can find mortgage brokers through Zillow as well as loan officers and lenders. You can read reviews about each lender and their loan officers and ask to work with the ones that seem the best for you.

What Types of Mortgage Lenders Are There

Another thing you need to know before you sign any loan contract is with what kind of lender you are signing that contract. Because lenders are usually categorized by the way they acquire or fund mortgages.

Here are the types of lenders.

Type of the lenderFundingDescription
Mortgage bankersFund loans with their funds or borrow from other lendersThey usually sell loans after closing
Retail lendersThey give loans directly to customersBank or credit union
Consumer direct lendersDirectly sell loans to the customers, but they only deal with mortgage loansThey can be portfolio lenders or correspondent lenders or mortgage bankers
Portfolio lendersThey use their own money to fund the loanCommunity banks, credit unions and savings, loan companies
Correspondent lendersThey issue the loan from their money.After closing the loan is sold to another investor
Wholesale lendersThey provide loan through third party like mortgage brokerThey sell loan after closing
Hard money lendersPrivate companies that funds the loans with their moneyLoans have high fees and rates

What Qualities to Look For at Lenders

And even though reading reviews is important, it shouldn’t be the primary quality to look at with a lender. But if you are going to look for reviews, we suggest you read reviews about loan officers that work for that particular lender.

Because even though the lender is the one that gives you a loan, if you have a good loan officer, he will make sure all your wishes come true and you get the best possible deal.

When looking for a loan officer, you want the one with excellent communication skills, years of experience in the real estate industry and loan industry, and the one that knows how the whole system works.

You will need a professional who will work quickly and close the loan on time. Before you apply for mortgage approval, you will have to sign a contract with the seller of the house, and if you don’t finish the purchase on time, you will lose deposit money.

Man holding a model of the house

Should I Use Zillow to Find a Lender?

If you are a first home buyer, the best course of action would be to talk to as many lenders as possible.

Firstly you will need to find lenders willing to provide you with federally supported loans for first home buyers. The good thing about the Zillow is that you will be able to look at many choices at once and make comparisons.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t stop looking for lenders alone because some local lenders may have better loans but haven’t made a profile on Zillow yet.

Shopping for a loan is stressful and challenging so ask your friends and family for recommendations.

But in the end, the best recommendation in any line of business is the one that comes from previous satisfied customers.